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ASAMO - V-line Slim Mask Pack

Product Information

Product : ASAMO V-line Slim Mask Pack

 A MUST-HAVE ITEM!! Easy to use and wash out!

It refines facial contours and reduces flab on Chin and Neck line.

ASAMO V-Line Slim Mask Pack is an easy home care treatment product.

It will benefit you with a smooth and vivid face line when using it repeatedly.

V-Line Slim Mask Pack provides nutrition to your face and making your skin feel moist, smooth and radiant. Asamo V-Line Slim Mask Pack can be used 3 to 4 times a week to achieve desired effect.

V-Line Slim Mask Pack tightens and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It is mess-free and simple to use. Results in as little as 45 minutes.