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Glucosamin Plaster ( OEM only )

Product Information

Glucosamine Cataplasma ( Hydrogel plaster )


Use one Glucosamine patch per day.

Glucosamine patch

Active Ingredient

Glucosamine 250mg, GARDENIA EXTRACT, Peppermint oil


Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to

Simple backache, strains, arthritis, sprains

1 or 2 patch use per day.

Apply to affected area. Carefully remove remaining film while pressing patch to skin for secure adhesion.


Use only as directed.

Avoid contact with the eyes, Mucous membranes, rashes, wounds or damaged skin.

Do not use with a heating pad or apply external heat.

Do not bandage tightly.

Keep away from children.

Package not child resistant, in case of accidental ingestion, contact with a physician immediately, consult with a physician before using. If you have sensitive skin, try a small piece of patch on the arm for 60 minutes before first use. If rashes, redness or itchiness results, Discontinue use and consult with a physician, If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, consult with a physician before using.

If conditions worsen, If symptoms persist for more than 7 days, or clear up and occur again within a few days, or if excessive irritation of the skin develops, discontinue use of this product and consult with a physician.

For external use only.


Adult & Children 12 years of age and older: Clean and dry affected area. Remove backing film and apply not more than 3 to 4 times daily.

Children under 12 years of age; Consult a physician.

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Reference to Singapore SALES in Guardian

Reference to UK Glucosamine patch