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Foot file

Product Information


Product Name : Pedicure foot file

-A good pedicure tool

-Light and handy, Natural and health

-High quality make your foot comfortable

-Easy to remove aging skin and dead skin cell

-Lots of design, shape available

-Stimulate body circulation


Made of stainless steel with silicone

Constructed for water resistant

Sterilization available

Hollow handle & head for light weight

Innovative 3D design for the best effect

Soft silicone grip

[How it Works]

1. Use after a bath or soak the feet first, softening up the skin. It also put the feet in water with salts in 10 minutes

2. Use a side made of coarse sandpaper is abrasive to help smooth away stubborn, hard skin.

3. A smooth side made of sandpaper gently exfoliates and massages.

4. You will get better effect when use a moisturizers and creams at last.

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